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FOUND: Revell 1/144 KC-10A IFR Boom

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Looking for the IFR boom, part #70 (extended) or #71 (stowed) from the Revell 1/144 KC-10A kit or the IFR parts tree from the AMP kit. So, if you are building a DC-10-30 from the AMP kit or you built the Revell kit and didn't use one or other of the booms, I would be willing to purchase the boom parts from you for a 1/144 KC-46A project.  Kind regards, Dutch


Photo of AMP KC-10 IFR Parts Tree:



Photo of Revell KC-10A parts #70 & #71.


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Item found. Cancel Request.
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Hey Dutch!  I may be able to help- I recently bought a bagged Revell KC-10 Kit at a show for $10.  I was so excited to find it that I really should have checked it better- Fuselage and some parts are warped from heat exposure- not useable.  the sprue that has all of the IFR stuff is warped as well but I think that will be salvageable.  I am debating scarfing the KC-10 aft section to an old DC-10 kit, but who am I kidding.


Message me if you are interested to see photos, If interested. - Mike

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  • Dutch changed the title to FOUND: Revell 1/144 KC-10A IFR Boom

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