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Dinky Recon Car- not a kit, but the only replica you'll find!

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Interwar military vehicles are not something that a lot of model makers pay much attention to. Unless they saw action in WWII, the various transitional armoured and mechanized vehicles of the Pre-WWII period are pretty much forgotten. In many cases, modellers can’t even get kits of these types of vehicles.


A perfect example is the awesome Morris Commercial D/CD. This half-car, half-truck six-wheeler was used as a staff car by the British from the late ‘20s, but is virtually unknown today. As a result, if you want a replica of this cool, but obscure, vehicle, you’re somewhat out of luck.


Thankfully, Dinky Toys came to the rescue in the late ‘30s with its #152b, the Six-Wheeled Reconnaissance Car. Sure, the Commercial wasn’t really for recon, it was a staff car, but that doesn’t stop the Dinky from being a neat replica of an all-but-unknown vehicle!


While it’s not up to modern armour kit standards of detail, check out this cool little time-traveller at the link below. Who knows, maybe one day we WILL get a kit of this thing!





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