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Typhoon ib question: Paint colors on tail band

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Building a "Car-Door" Typhoon IB, and the Hasegawa decals are kinda lousy color-wise, so I got a set of TechMod decals.  They are very thin and brittle, and the green/blue/grey tail band decal split into 5 pieces while I was trying to put it on.  I think I'll just masks and paint, but I'm not sure what the correct color is?  I'm normally a Jet guy, but trying some WWII British planes for a bit of something different so I don't know my RAF colors very well. I see references to a bunch of different colors called "sky" or some variation therof, and it's a bit confusing. 


Also, which brand/color of paint is the closest match?  I prefer Mr.Color just because it goes on so nicely, but am equipped to deal with most any enamel/lacquer/acrylic.


On the other hand, I have some Testors MM DuckEgg blue; maybe I should see if it's close.

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If you're talking about the fuselage band just forward of the tail, the color is Sky. Mr. Color makes what they call Duck Egg Green (C26) which is a decent match for RAF Sky; I've used it for several models. Model Master had Sky in their series 2 lineup - Sky "Type S" no. 2049. It's quite similar to the Mr. Color paint. "Type S" simply means smooth surface. There are definitely other options for Sky.

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