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Best 1/48 MH-60L Black Hawk Kit?

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Hey All!


I have the 1/35 Kitty Hawk MH-60L model which I am planning to build as one of the Gothic Serpent birds.  I have several of the Floyd Werner upgrades, including decals and parts, on the way, plus a few other 'regular' aftermarket items.  I'm certain this will build into a spectacular helicopter!


However, I am wondering if, like the 1/35 Academy AH-1Z attack helicopter, and the same helo in 1/48, the Kitty Hawk version, (both of which I have) if there is a similarly good 1/48 version of the MH-60L.  Ideally, I'd like to be able to build the same Gothic Serpent helicopter in 1/48 as I am going to do in 1/35.  Is there such a kit, one of similar quality, which has aftermarket parts to build it into a 'Black Hawk Down' helicopter?  I did a small amount of searching, and didn't find anything really helpful, so sorry if I missed an existing thread or other source of info without having to bother all of you with this question.  


Thank you in advance for any help.

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Hi Curt

The only real option you have is the various re-issues of the Italeri Blackhawk.  It's not a shake & bake but can be built into a decent model.  I won't presume to comment on the Gothic Serpent suitability but others will come along with that.   The minicraft kit is a far distant cousin best avoided IMHO


As usual with Italeri it provides a good basis for detailing as far as you want to go.  Pretty sure Floyd did some decals for Irene & Others.  Fair bit of aftermarket as well in the Black dog & Live resin range.


Hope that helps

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The modern Italeri "MH-60K" can only really be built as an MH-60L now, because they got rid of the MH-60K radar, amusingly.  


It'll work for the Gothic Serpent birds provided you source miniguns, since the Gothic Serpent aircraft didn't have a lot of the later antennas fitted.  There are a number of references on this forum for the Gothic Serpent Limas if you need more pictures.

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