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Handley Page HPR.7 Herald Colors in Eastern Provincial Airways (EPA) Service

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I am doing some research into the Handley Page HPR.7 Herald colors in Eastern Provincial Airways (EPA) service.  I have the excellent Whiskey Jack decal sheet, which includes both side views and a top view, but no bottom view.  After scouring the web for EPA Herald photos, I am questioning the color call-outs for the tail planes and noted that he missed a black stripe across the top of the wing approximately mid-span.  WJ calls for white tail planes.  When I look at photos, I suspect that they were painted light grey, left in natural metal or possibly even red-orange.  See photos below.  I would appreciate hearing from any Canadian airline aficionados.  Kind regards, Dutch


Herald CF-NAF (the ill-fated one) by Norm Sheppard circa 1965.  Note the tail plane looks to be light grey, or possibly natural metal.  Also note the black stripe mid span covering the inboard flap track.  It is only on the top of the wing.



Note the apparent colors in this Ken Marshall B&W photo taken at Prestwick during the delivery flight for Herald CF-EPC, circa 1963.  The demarcation of light grey & natural metal on the lower fuselage is well defined.  However, the tail plane color is less so.  Could be red-orange (though it appears a little too light). Could be light grey or natural metal (darker because in shadow).  Note the exhaust stains on the tail planes.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

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So, I was able to contact Norm Sheppard directly, and he assures me that the tail planes are light grey.  In fact, he built a FROG re-pop as CF-NAF and did a beautiful job.   So question answered.  Thanks for all who tuned in.  Carry on!  Nothing more to see here.

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