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Hi All,


I am on my continuing quest to locate some decal options and hopefully be able to trade some items I have for them.  So without further ado, here goes;


Looking For


Aztec Models 72-051 Sky Guardians - F-7NM Bangladesh option


Testors/Italeri 679 F-5E - USAF 64th FITS option


Air Graphics Lynx in World-wide Service - Lynx AH-7 847 NAS, Royal Marines

                                                                    - Sea Lynx Mk.88A, 83+05, MFG-3 options


D. P. Casper 72018 Forgotten Ops: Falklands - 3CBAS Royal Marines Gazelle option


Linden Hill 72022 - MiG-25PD Turkmenistan option


Behemoth 72-025 - Su-27 Flanker Family part 1 - Uzbek option





For Trade


Linden Hill 72024 Global Su-25 part 1 - Angola, Belarus, Bulgaria (2), Russia (2), Slovakia, or Turkmenistan option


Cut-then-Add #15 First Generation Harriers - Spanish Armada AV-8A, Armada TAV-8A, Thai Navy TAV-8A, or Indian Navy SHAR FRS.51 (hI-viz) option

(Each option has complete set of stencils)


Caracal Decals 72080 AV-8B Harrier II plus - VMA-214 "Black Sheep" Air show display, VMA-512, or Italian Marina "Lobos" (One complete set of stencils)


Flying Leathernecks 72001 Battle Jerks - any option


WolfPak Decals 72-041 Gas-n-Go - KC-135R/T/RT options (5)


Model Maker Asian Fitters part 1 - Su-22M4 Syria, Iran, or Vietnam options; Su-22UM3 Iran or Vietnam options


Model Maker Asian Fulcrums part 2 - MiG-29 Yemen option; MiG-29UB Yemen option and,


A host of 72nd parts and weapons.



If you're not interested in trading, I will be more than happy to buy or trade something else for what I'm looking for.


Thanks for looking,








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