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CD72125 - 1/72 C-130 International - Part 1

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Good! I just sold my old Modeldecal sheet with the same RDAF markings. Overall gloss dark green with int'l orange nose/tail and wingtip bands, outlined with a black stripe.  Three early model C-130H, serials B-678, B-679, B-680.

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There are a few cool Middle Eastern schemes that have not been done before.

The all-grey Libyan scheme has never been done before, saw action in 2011 arab spring fighting. Pakistan Air Force had C-130s in up to 6 different schemes over the years, here are two examples that have never been done. 

The Royal Saudi Air Force flew C-130s in natural metal/white colors in the early years, again a rare scheme. The Saudi ‚mid-life‘ scheme would also be cool, from back when the national markings were not toned down yet. See attached image of an aerial refueling operation in the 1980s.


Egypt currently has C-130s in service in a cool desert scheme, with the type seeing action on deployments to Libya for example.









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