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Question about F-16 ACES II seats

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I'm wondering when, roughly, the upgraded version of the ACES II with folding dynamic pressure sensors (pitot tubes) first began to be installed in F-16s.

Thanks, Pip

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I wrote in another thread that asking roughly the same question I hope it helps. For reference I am a retired A-10 crew chief

I would say in the Mid 2000's, I was asking our egress shop about that mod and if it was going to happen on our jets. They said they doubted it would happen to the A-10 seats. I was still a crew chief then and I went up to MOCC in 2008 and retired in 2011 so 2005-2006. But It wasn't a TCTO for the jet it was a TCTO for the seat.

Hope that helps

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Thanks for the response, boom175. I have to assume that the upgrade did happen for at least some F-16s, or else why would Sierra Hotel offer the "late" model in the first place? My guess is that it didn't happen for all planes, especially the older ones in ANG service. It seems more likely for a Block 50, but that still leaves the question of how many and when.

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