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F-14A/B/D low-viz stencils

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So I'm wanting to start a couple 1/32 F-14 builds, one of which is going to be an F-14D in low-viz, TPS markings.  A lot of the D models have the upper surfaces painted in that Blue-Gray haze color FS 35237 (technically blue).  I find one of the best matches to that distinct color is from the Model Master acrylic line, the Mr. Color/Mr Hobby are too dark and too grey.  I imagine there are other good brands that may have a good match (I've heard good things about Mr. Paint, but I just can't do lacquers anymore, just too harsh with the fumes even with the hood for me).  The one tricky area is finding a good set of 1/32 F-14 low-viz stencils that match that color.  Its certainly not difficult to find 1/32 F-14D low viz markings, but what I'm referring to is finding a set that has more of a "blue" hue/tint that the real FS 35237 has.  Does anyone know of a close match?  or are there any photo etch paint stencils like they have for some of the stencils for F-15s and F-16s?





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All I can offer is that the sheets we printed had the 35237 printed in FS color from the book. Different paints match differently. And lots of the low viz jets didn’t have full stenciling and data. Sheet we made covered all the markings actually applied to the jets FYI. 

In 1/32 it isn’t hard to do a set of data and markings on a silhouette or circuit machine and then paint them. I’ve seen a few people doing that. And even though I made the decals, I’ll be doing that on my 1/32 F-14A build for things like NAVY, turbine lines, intakes, dat boxes and Rescue arrows. 



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