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CD48208 - 1/48 FJ-4 Fury

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3 hours ago, Mattsimps74 said:


She’s all ready for you KursadA! 
I’ve cobbled together what I can from generic decal sheets, including your beautiful fj-3 sheet -maybe you could fill in the blanks for me, like those tricky slanted tail letters😉
Yours in hope,




Nice - I am glad you were able to find most of what you needed. This was an option that I was going to include on the sheet anyway - so I might as well draw those tail markings for you. I will draw and post a printable PDF file tonight, so you can use a b&w laser printer to make them.

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1 hour ago, Mattsimps74 said:

Wow! Really? That’s awesome, I was only half joking!! Thank you so much! 
She’s going to look great with all the white stencils on, too, your decals are the best out there. Brilliant stuff 

Kindest regards, 

Matt 🙂 


No problem - as I said, this was going to be an option on the sheet.

You can download the PDF here and print it in original size - let us know how it looks on your model.

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19 hours ago, Hooker169 said:

I don’t know what it is but… this is sexy for some reason 😮


Years ago I read Joe Lyons feature on Hyperscale about modeling the Midway Airwing circa 1958, and then after I made a trip to the Midway museum years ago, decided I wanted to do the same in 1/48. Been gathering kits, resin, and decals ever since. It's definitely a scheme for the fury that hasn't been done before. 


Kursad, I have some pics (not many as I haven't found much) I had been gathering for reference on my eventual build. if you need some for reference, let me know I can email them to you. 

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On 9/22/2021 at 12:33 AM, Mattsimps74 said:

Thanks to you Corey, too, your Fj-2 is an inspiration, I hope to do a Kitty Hawk -3 in orange and white at some stage, too. 

Wonderful 🙂

aww gee shucks!  Thanks!  🙂

Edited by Corey
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