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Cleaning out the decals bin and have the following for sale. Contract me at dcmorrissette "at" roadrunner.com with interests. If someone wants all the remaining, $200 shipped in the US only



1/48 Scale  
Aeromaster Mig17 part 1/48-324 $8
Aeromaster SAAF Sabres/48-711 $5
Aviaeology Coastal Stike Wings- Dallachy Beaufughter TF.X/AOD48021 $8
Aviaeology Venturas in Canada 4- Post War Trainers and Target Tugs/AOD48035 $8
Caracal Models F-15 Florida Makos/CD48055 $7
Caracal Models F-15C/D Lakenheath Eagles/CD48080 $7
Flying Leathernecks CH-53E Heavy Haulers/FL48001 $14
Flying Leathernecks Lords and Angels F-18A/48003 $6
Furbal F2H-2 Canopy Seals/48-057 $3
Iliad Prewar Spitfires/48003 $7
Leading Edge Models Ukrainian Mig 29 UB/C $8
MAW DecalsHard Corps Scooter/48-MAW-015 $7
Microscale TA-4 F/J Skyhawks/48-071 $8
Possum Werks G-17G Nose Art Special $8
Superscale B-24J Mables Labels-Cocktail Hour- Dragon and His Tail/48-037 $10
Yellow Wings USAAC P6E #1/48-084 $5
Yellow Wings USMC SNJ-3 1942 #1/48-080 $5
AOA Decals Combat Scooters I USN/USMC A-4E/F Skyhawks Vietnam Part 4/32-014 $10
AOA Decals Dogs of War 2- US Army/VNAF O-1 Bird Dogs/32-020 $9
AOA Decals Intruder Airframe Stencils and Markings (High Viz)/32-026 $10
AOA Decals Intruders from the Beach- USMC A-6A Vietnam/32-001 $9
AOA Decals Phantom Eagles and Knights USMC F-4B Vietnam/32-022 $12
AOA Decals VA-75 Sunday Punchers 1- A-6/A-6E/32-027 $8
AOA Decals VA-75 Sunday Punchers 2- A-6E TRAM/32-028 $8
AOA Decals VMA(AW)-533 Hawks I USMC A-6A Intruders cold War/32-029 $8
AOA Decals VMFA-334 Falcons: Lovebug 5 F-4J/32-021 $10
Aviaeology Costal Strike Wings- Mosquito F.II and FB.VI/AD32033 $10
EagleCals FW-190D-9's- JG 2, 4, 20 and 51/EC58 $8
EagleCals FW-190D-9's- JG 2, 6, 301/EC57 $8
EagleCals Fyellow 10 and Friends/EC59 $8
Montex Super Mask FW190D-9.K32010 (Masking Set) $5
Superscale F-16A Falcons 8tTFW Kusan/Gunsmoke 85/32-49 $8
Superscale Me-262 and Me-163 JG7 and JG 400/32-33 $8
Superscale P-61B Black Widows 414th, 422nd and 418th NFS/MS2320263 $5
Superscale P-61B Black Widows 548th NFS Iwo Jima/MS2320262 $5
TwoBobs F-18C Feline Hornets/32-037 $7
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