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VFA-211 2006 Photos on USS Enterprise?

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Hello to all,


I am building a Super Hornet (-F in 1/48) at the moment and I have the Microscale decals for VFA-211 (and VFA-31). 




I would like to ask if someone has any photos of VFA-211, F/A-18F CO bird, BuNo 165801, AB101 in 2006 USS Enterprise World Cruise.


I have found lots of photos around the internet for VFA-211 CAG and CO birds but all are from later years with block II super hornets and different markings (modex changed to 2xx from 2007 etc.). Even in Enterprise's 2006 Cruise Book there are no photos of the bird I am building.

The one am looking for is Block I Super Hornet with early ECS pipes and early WSO cockpit configuration in the first deployment for VFA-211 with the F/A-18F (2006).


Afterburner decals have also issued the same markings for VFA-211 in their first deployment.




I am trying to figure out the amount of weathering that the CO bird had in 2006 and some details about the markings.


If anyone can help, It would be appreciated.





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I'll look through my hard drive. I might have caught the color jet. The line birds, plenty. 

I was deployed to the AOR at the same time and refueled them several times in theater for both deployments. 

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Wow! Great! Thanks for the checking. I hope you have caught the CO bird in any photo.


The only photo I have found with just some parts of the tail of the plane that I am building is on page 370 of USS Enterprise 2006 Cruise Book (close photo of two ordnancemen load a CATM-9M on the F/A-18F, AB101, BuNo 165801 and the tail of the plane is hardly seen)

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Sorry, but I dont. 
I just went through and all I have are the line jets. 102, 104, 110. If I remember right, the color birds were on the night go and I flew days. I asked the crews I did refuel. 



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Thanks Storm for the checking even though you didn't find any, I appreciate it.


Janissary thanks for your answer. Seaforces.org is one of my main references for USN subjects and the first that I am looking for photos.

Unfortunately there are no photos of the BuNo that I am building, only the CAG bird in the very first livery with the Super Hornet and I think that the CO bird was low-vis at the time (2005). 

If I won't find any photos I'll do your thought about the inspiration from the other colorful bird.


I keep searching...

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