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8 hours ago, SlickRick said:

Thanks Oliver!  Your scratch building on the sonar H-34 is truly a work of art!  I am pretty sure my Dad's H-34 was a very early variant, like an A or B.  It didn't have the triple exhaust in the upper area of the clam shell rather, the single exhaust pipe at the bottom of the left clam shell.  Pretty cool that you came up with such a great "backdate" to take the British westland wessex and make it a great us army early h-34.  Any tips, ideas, advice or whatever, please let me know right away.  Thank you all for help.


Hi Rick,

I am planning to do an open cowling version as well so we can see the engine in the future. I believe a new improved engine was just released again from a resin company last month but i can recall which one right now.  I went back and forth between the bottom exhaust or side exhaust and i went with the side one. I have to finish the Huskie first before i get back to the h.34 since i am planning to enter the Huskie at the IPMS Nationals in August.  Gino is paving the way for us with his H.34 build.



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