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Build Log: 1/32 UH-34D Conversion

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13 hours ago, rotorwash said:

That would be a definite negatory, good buddy.

Wow, I really feel for those poor Jarhead pilots!  Just one of those old Korean-War vintage flak jackets doesn't add a great deal of protection.  

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I have gotten quite a bit of work done it it the last couple of weeks.


I completed the rear cabin by adding a couple first aid bags, fire extinguishers, a rucksack, a duffle bag, an M14, and a few 7.62mm ammo cans for the M60A door gun.  I also washed it with a dirty grey-brown to make it looks a little lived in.  Lastly, I added some bare metal on the floor as well.



Here is the IP and overhead console.  They are painted by hand and I used the kit instrument decals on them, and a few from the spares bin.3cab81b9bb9bed01d023791b6525d10361a299f0


The rest of the cockpit.  I added the fire extinguisher, placards and  other details.  I haven't added the seatbelts as I think I will put a couple pilots in it.



I have sealed up the fuselage as well.  I didn't really have any issues with the fuselage going together.  I did sand a couple spots that were sticking out and binding, but after that, there were no other issues.  It will require a bit of filler where the bottom meets the sides, but it isn't too bad.  







It is finally starting to look like an UH-34D.  I am very pleased with it so far.  Next up is painting the inside of the nose, building the intake vents on the underside front, and installing the nose.

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Thanks Oliver.


More progress this last week.


I painted the rear side of the engine fan and drive shaft. I also added a couple hydraulic lines. Most of this will not be seen once it is all together.

I also added the screen and oil cooler on the underside.

Once all that was done, I added the nose to the fuselage. I had no real issues with it, just a little bit of filling and sanding needed to blend it all together.

The underside.

Next is adding all the exterior details, tail, rotors, glass, etc…

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For the large nose screen I took a 1/48 PE template and enlarged it to 1/32.  Then I cut it out and used it as stencil to to cut the screen.  I cut it into three pieces; left, right, and a center section.  These pieces allowed it to fit the curve of the nose pretty well.  It was not bad once cut into the three pieces.  I still need to add the frame around the scree.  Its on the long punch list to finish it off.

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