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Build Log: 1/32 UH-34D Conversion

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I am calling this one done. I built the main and tail rotors. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pics before painting them. They each had a bunch of plastic, resin, and PE parts.




I washed the whole thing with a couple coats of dirty brown and black acrylic colors. Then picked out some selected parts for a dirt-colored drybrushing.


Here it is.





I added Dragon Vietnam Helo crew figures with their torsos swapped out with the correct USMC flak vests. I also swapped their heads out with some resin ones from Verlinden helo pilots. I also added PE boom mikes to them. I used Quinta 3-D/resin seat belt decals for a 1/32 B-17 on them as well.




It actually is still waiting on one part. Did anyone catch it? I am still waiting on the 3D printed exhaust parts from Adriatic Models out of Italy. They will be slid into place once I receive them.

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OK, so it is really finally done now. I received the exhaust parts from Adriatic Models, which are very nice. They were originally shipped from Italy on Dec 13, and I just got the small padded envelope yesterday. Man, international shipping is hosed right now.


The actual exhausts.


The parts I needed were mainly the tips for the exhausts which have a double pipe (inner and outer). I added the flat clamps and bolts from wine bottle foil and 1/35 bolt heads.


I think they came out looking great.



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