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1/48 Tamiya Nazi War Machines: Panzer VI Tiger I (early prod.) & Sd.Kfz 251/1 Ausf. D half track

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The Tiger I was constructed first and was thematically a straight follower of my previous tank, HB T-34 in 1/48. This was clearly a Tamiya kit and went together easily (as opposed to the HB kit) and had crisp details and flash free parts. It comes with a metallic chassis which, according to some modelers, simplifies parts of the suspension details. Could be, but most of it will be hidden behind the typical German multi-wheel chassis assembly anyway. I wanted a machine used on the Eastern front and I wanted it in Tank Gray. TS-4 was used as a base paint and weathering was done with oils, enamels and different AK/MiG powders, washes and dirt and mud fluids. Excellent stuff!


These two were done quite OOB, which in my mind allows modifications and scratch built items but no after market stuff. In Tiger's case I would recommend using PE mesh screens on top of the engine cover. These really should be included with the kit. Some hits from Soviet guns were added on the mantlet and the front armour. I had an excellent Tiger book from library with a lot of good photos from the front and it seems they turned out quite convincing. Another very common phenomenon were the twisted and loose mud guards on Tigers and mine has a lot of damage on them as well.



The half track, also known as "Hanomag" (coming from its manufacturer), was actually built from a more specialized version, namely the "Stuka zu Fuss" boxing. I wanted a basic infantry carrier with Dunkel Gelb colour but couldn't find one, so I bought this kit and discarded with all the rockets and their mounts. Otherwise the hardware is the same on both kits. 


Again Tamiya spray was used for painting and the above mentioned powders and fluids for weathering. I added some towing cable, hanged a tarpaulin on the other side and chopped a match stick for fire wood and placed them in a bucket. I also scratched some mysterious box from the "wood" planks meant for the rocket mounts that were not used. The inspiration for the Nazi logo came straight from the Raiders of the Lost Ark's wooden crate 🙂 (the one where the ark was kept in the movie).  











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Here's a couple i recently completed... not that hard really 😉 and really puts the armor into perspective in terms of comparative size...









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