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Looking for information, data, measurements and purpose of lines of the USS nimitz carrier deck

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To start with I am looking for more information about JBD sizes. I'm currently doing a diorama for a tomcat and I have different data for the JBD sizes. It seems catapult 1 and 2 are identical in size although placed at a different distance from the catapult shuttle. Catapult 3 and 4 are different but I'm looking for their dimensions as well.

Current size I used are 30.5 feet long but I feel they are too narrow. I found data for Mk7s to be 36 feet long. Which looks much better.

Not sure USS nimitz has the Mk7.

So i'm fishing for some more information should there is someone here with more data and willing to share.


The overall plan is to design different carrier deck section I can place one aside the others to enlarge the scene. I am currently starting with 2 sections for catapult 1&2

But to get all details right I am designing the full deck: This will also allow me to cut specific sections later on for other projects: 

Here's where I am now (obviously it's far from being finished and accurate but I am looking for all comments for correction, the idea is to try to get this as accurate as possible before using for building carrier deck sections:




Thanks for any data you may have


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