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LF suggestions on replacement airbrush compressor

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My Iwata Iwata Power Jet Pro IS-975 Dual Piston Compressor shorted out when a PE sheet hit a bare contact and a case ground screw at the same time.

Rather than trying to get it repaired (If it can even be repaired), I am looking for a replacement.

I am looking for a replacement compressor, with a tank. Max PSI is 40~60 PSI. I can do with a single port compressor.

A quiet compressor would be a plus.

Please LMK your suggestions, especially on ones you use. I am in Florida, so a 110V 60Hz one is a must.

Either respond to this post or email me direct at dawgcent03 (AT) cox (DOT) net.


Robert Conley

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Hi Robert,


What is your budget? Last year I bought a Sparmax TC-610. I has a 2,5 liter tank and is pretty quiet. I use it with my wife in the room next door and she can't hear it.


I'm pretty happy with it. There are tons of review videos in youtube if you are interested.


Here's a link to one. It's a UK base shop, but you can also find it in the US. It's the same as mine:




Hope it helps.




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I got the Makita MAC210Q since I spray in the garage and need it to do double duty as an occasional around the house compressor.  Pretty quiet.  They also have a 1 gal version, the MAC100Q.

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On 4/5/2021 at 11:41 AM, docbailey said:

I am looking for a replacement compressor, with a tank.


I assume you experienced air pulsing with your Iwata compressor, and that's why you are looking for a replacement compressor with a tank?


I've been using the Paasche D3000 compressor for 30+ years.  It's not silent, but it's not loud either (rated at 47 decibels).  Zero pulsation due to its air holding tank.  Mine holds the same air pressure in the tank for weeks when it's turned off.  However, I don't think you can get it new anymore. 




There is a newer model, the 3000R, but I don't know how good it is:  Paasche D3000R Compressor

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I use the Harbor Freight Fortress 1gal super quiet air compressor.  It's rated at 53db a household refrigerator is 55db. So it's pretty quiet. It recovers fast and holds air well. I can leave it for weeks. Without a drop in psi. I added a inline moisture trap and a standard male quick connect to my airbrush hose. It's affordable at $139.00 plus there is a 2 gal model. If you want more reserves. Good luck with your purchase.


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I recently moved my spray area into the house from the garage and my old Craftsman air compressor was obscenely loud.  I purchased the CALIFORNIA AIR TOOLS CAT-1P1060SP GAL 56DB Air Compressor from Amazon, and I've had it for a few months now and it was cheap, and very quiet (56 db). Pretty happy with it. It seemed like I would have had to spend a lot more to get something quieter, and this just seems quiet enough for me.  


FWIW, my spray booth was a laundry closet.  It's about 4' by 4', and even in that small space, the air compressor is quieter than the fans on my extraction hood (Artograph with 2 fans). Yes, I can hear it, but I wouldn't pay more for quieter.



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