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F4U colors for Royal Navy

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I just got an on Revell F4U Corsair in 1/32. It has markings for the Royal Navy. They ( Decals ) do like they are a ne w batch and no yellowing at all. I need the colors and paint pattern. 

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I'm not sure if the venerable Revell 1/32 kit of the Corsair is actually the correct version for a Royal Navy build.  Plenty of pictures on the web.  I can't wait to see how nicely your build turns out.  Please share pictures!



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Which mark Corsair?  There seems to be a lot of controversy concerning actual colors, but most of that can be attributed to various paint mfg's different ingredients applied at different times.  As per

many color photos, the early marks were painted with USN Blue Gray and olive drab, with Sky below,

or light gray, though Sky is more likely, and born out by those same color photos.  Those colors would be ANA  603 and 613 respectively and 610 or 602 below.  There is the question of the actual hue of 603.  Elliot's volume 2 only refers to FS 36118 which was a later color, an almost exact match to Extra Dark Sea Grey, though a couple of other color cards are shown, one of which is a shade darker than Blue Gray and more likely 603, though DuPont had a color also closely matched to EDSG.  Worm can opened!!!

As to patterns, you can check online for decals, with some sites showing markings and camouflage patterns.  Later marks would be gloss Sea Blue overall, and some, very few, Mark IIIs had the tri-color uppers with white below like the USN planes.



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I looked up the instructions for that kit (as long as I am looking at the right release) and it looks like it is an overall gloss sea blue scheme. 




 also be aware, that if you want as accurate as possible, the FAA Corsairs had clipped wings. the standard wing tip was too tall to fit in the hangar decks of the British carriers when they were folded.



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I built a 1/32 Revell kit years ago it was the Fleet Air Arm issue with clipped wings, I built it as an aircraft of 1834 Squadron HMS Victorious (P on tail).

There was a couple of articles in Model Aircraft monthly on the British Pacific Fleet which I used to choose my paints. Note the painted out markings.

Pretty much as mentioned above.

Decals were from Techmod 32009


Under surfaces:

British - Sky,

US - ANA 610


Top surfaces

British - Extra Dark Sea Grey

US - ANA 603

British - Dark Slate Grey

US - ANA 613






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