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1/32 RoG Spitfire Mk II "Aces High" Edition

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I feel quite encouraged, as this is my first complete build in 14-1/2 years. I know there's two small details missing - the pitot tube under the port side wing, and the reav-view mirror atop the windscreen. The pitot tube is on, I have a small spot to outch up the paint.


I failed to ensure the proper slope of the cockpit sub-assembly, so the fuselage - and then the wing-fuselage joints - were wanky. Lots of filler, even Apoxie-Sculpt, levelled out the cliffs.


Gunze Mr Color paints for the aircraft, the Eddies were done with store-brand water-based acrylics (Michael's). I had quite a bit of pebbling on the underside color, as well as the clearcoat - hence no bottom view.









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7 hours ago, Grand Toad said:

Aces High is one of my favorite Maiden tunes. The Eddies look really good, as well.

Thanks - this was the first time I tried my hand a figures....ugh. I need to coat them, those cheap acrylics come off quite easily.


(I couldn't get into "Aces High" - love the lyrics, though. One of my faves is "Flight of Icarus"....and "Wasted Years", too.)

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