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QF-4E 82nd ATRS 2016 (Hasegawa old mould 1/72)

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Hello to all,


Another one in progress build, another one Phantom and a vintage build. The kit was started in September of 2020. Although I do have the newer Hasegawa F-4E kit, which is great, I chose the older one to experiment with it a little more.


The inspiration was the last unmanned mission of the QF-4E version in 2016



51120608935_293dd6d294_k.jpg000 by Nontas B, on Flickr


51119241682_bbef9291c3_k.jpg001 by Nontas B, on Flickr


51119814511_39a1d0a434_k.jpg002 by Nontas B, on Flickr


51119561934_94e337bf01_k.jpg003 by Nontas B, on Flickr


51119721343_96a95e9ccf_k.jpg004 by Nontas B, on Flickr


51120605840_88ee765619_k.jpg005 by Nontas B, on Flickr


51119560004_374e627fcb_k.jpg006 by Nontas B, on Flickr


51119811346_1c69ffe47b_k.jpg007 by Nontas B, on Flickr


51119237172_183be9eccb_k.jpg008 by Nontas B, on Flickr


51119236267_cd186ec88f_k.jpg009 by Nontas B, on Flickr


51120601885_3b094818d4_k.jpg010 by Nontas B, on Flickr


51119716563_5fc490e7e4_k.jpg011 by Nontas B, on Flickr


51119235157_3439f2b281_k.jpg012 by Nontas B, on Flickr


51120600480_9d4d756b4a_k.jpg013 by Nontas B, on Flickr


51119234437_434451670e_k.jpg014 by Nontas B, on Flickr


To be continued...



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Thank you STORM and Gene K for your nice words.


The free time for modelling has been eliminated in the last past months , the model has progressed a little bit. The major assembling has been made. I have to add all the details of the QF version and to prepare it for painting. 

I work it together with the F-4S and the two Skyhawks. I hope I will have a new update soon.



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Aircommando130 and Ikon thank you!!


Aircommando130, yes you're right, WSO. 😀 I always forget it, because doing a USAF bird is a bit rare for me. Most of my models are USN birds. 

This will be in the Hill Gray paint scheme. The exact same bird is in the link below, 72-0166. 


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