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Hi! Non-standard, sci-fi/what-if designs that look believable, intrigue me. Friends convinced me to turn this mech into usable model kit instead of keeping for myself just one copy. Months and months later here it is. A technical rescue machine 5DR code-named "Rescue Labor".


It's a unit coming from alternative Soviet universe, which I hope will grow ;). 1/35 scale, 20cm height. 330 resin parts and 95 metal parts, decals and large assembly manual. Not a 3D print, parts have no artifacts or a need for sanding. Miniature of a mechanic is an integral part of the works.


Hope you like it.









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2 hours ago, southwestforests said:

That is interesting!

It brings to mind that Soviet era spacecraft here in this history had a very distinctive aesthetic.


Yep, thanks for mentioning that! Working on a Soviet militia drone. Stay tuned 🙂

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Just for fun, let's find out what an online translator says "Stay tuned for further developments" is in Russian.

From Google's,



следите за дальнейшими событиями

sledite za dal'neyshimi sobytiyami




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