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Indonesian Submarine Missing

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1 hour ago, parche said:

An Indonesian submarine is missing. Singapore and Australia have been asked to help.


BBC Story


Positive thoughts please.



As a former submariner, this hurts my heart. I hope they’re found quickly, and alive. STS2/SS Stachura

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Indeed sad. Condolences to the families.


On the topic of information, while cause might yet not be exactly known, the following is potentially of interest,




On April 21, the day of the accident, there was a massive movement due to density difference - from high to low - that spawned an enormous internal wave coming from Lombok Strait, between 200m and 400m deep, to waters in the north of Bali, where the depth is generally more than 1,000m.

Rear-Adm Iwan, citing the satellite image report, said: "We are talking about 2 million to 4 million cubic m of water hitting you. Could anyone overcome that? The Nanggala submarine descended 13m and could have been caught in the internal wave."

Rear-Admiral Muhammad Ali, the planning and budget assistant to Indonesia's navy chief, said such weather phenomenon will be taken into account in future operations and the navy will encourage further research into it.

"An investigation is still ongoing. It would take a while. We will invite submarine experts, not only from within, but perhaps also from overseas. We have international submariners' conferences. The Asia-Pacific submarine conference is held every two years and has been attended by all submariners worldwide," he said at the media briefing.



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