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Combining old CA glue with New

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Hey all, I have an old bottle of Bob Smith Industries Gap filling medium Insta-Cure+ CA glue.  I got about 4/5ths through a 1/2oz bottle and the nozzle has once again clogged to the point where I can no longer use it.  I had gotten new tips for the bottle from Amazon, but those didn't come with caps and the old caps don't fit them.  


Anyhow I hate to just throw out the remainder.  Can I pour the remainder into a new bottle?  Assuming there's enough room.  OR will mixing old and new not mix well?

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Unscrew the tip and toss it in some acetone for a bit and it will be good as new in a bit .  You can purchase the acetone at the beauty shop .

Place a piece of Scotch tape on the super glue bottle in the meanwhile and it'll be fine .


Cheers, Christian 

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