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Okay, back to business.  Earlier I had gone to the trouble of cutting away the GTX emblem from the grill (since all such emblems were removed from all cars in the show), then priming/painting and re-chroming the bumper with Alclad.  




Next the chrome bumper was masked, and the grill and its surround was sprayed with enamel Steel, and a wash used for the grill's recesses.


Then to make the headlights.  I use acrylic gemstones because they're soft enough to have the facets sanded away to make it rounded, then polished.  When finished with Future/Clear acrylic floor polish, they make very convincing light lenses, better than what comes with any kit.  In this case I used 5mm gemstones for the headlights, and 3mm for the signal lights.









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And now the last daunting challenge, the stripe.  To my knowledge no decals exist for this body type.  I do have the decals from the MPC kit of Daisy's 74 Roadrunner, but this is a different body type with different contours, and the subtleties of the strip were very different between the two vehicles.  


I also noticed the first '71s they painted for this had stripes that didn't quite fit the countours of the new type, but by partway into the second season the paint crews seem to have mastered the marriage of '71 body style and stripe style.


My solution: use the roof decals, the paint the thick stripe center along the sides, then use fine striping for the pinstriping.  


I used a photocopy of the roof decals from the MPC kit as reference to set up the masking for the side striping.  Through this I saw the side square from each end would have to be cut off.  The rest would work fine.










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Posted (edited)

Thank you! 


Now for the really scary part: the pinstriping around the main stripe. 

In my research, I took special notice of how they did the real one around the door handle and at the very front. 





I've got plenty of straight-line fine decal striping, but the curves are a problem.  Trying to paint those fine curves right alongside the large stripe AND make them look good is an awfully tall order.  My experience (both successes and failures) tells me to go another route. 


I decided an ususual approach: cut away the pinstriping from the decals of MPC's Daisy's car, the very-different '74 Roadrunner, and cut the curves into pieces to match each little bit of the Satellite's stripe. 


Wasn't easy, nor was it fun at first, but it actually worked!










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Almost there.  Just using the Daisy's Car kit decals from the MPC kit for the roof-section of the stripe, although the two end sections need to be removed.






Daisy's car was in constant use on the country roads and so needs to have a generous amount of Hazzard county road dust.  Just speaking for myself, I don't believe in making showroom-fresh vehicles with immaculate chassis and wheel wells to portray actively used vehicles.  The overall dusting is a shade called Armor Sand, with some Military Earth Brown right behind the wheels and on the bottom of the fenders just behind the wheels.  






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I think I forgot to mention the wheel hubs.  The kit wheels are totally wrong; the good folks at a purely-automotive forum guided me toward the wheel hubs from the AMT 77 Ford van, and then one of the members was kind enough to send me a set which he was not going to use.  Once primed and chromed, they were perfect!  They also almost perfectly fit the aftermarket tires which I had ordered (see earlier post June 2).  Absolutely perfect!






ONE FINAL DETAIL: the CB antenna.  In the episode "The Meeting," there is a perfect closeup view of it, which I used as reference to scratch-build mine.  Base was carved from two sections of plastic, and the aerial was made from metal guitar string (high "E"). 


And, God-willing, she's done!  Finished pics to be posted shortly 😎









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Nice! Looks a lot like my buddy's '72 Runner. I had a few Mopars, '73 Runner, '74 Gold Duster, '69 Dart and of course my mom's '71 Satellite wagon I cut my teeth on. I'm liking the blue engines, mom's 318 and my 360 RR were blue. Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane! jon

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