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Tamiya 1/48 F-14A with a few parts from the D kit 

Fightertown Decals VF-24 48002, 48087 Data, and a few other sheets for general markings. 

Phase Hangar GRU-7


MrSurfacer 1500 Black

MRP paints

Mk1 KA models pitot and probe

ResKit exhausts 

scratchbuilt base 


Started this one with a marathon 8-10 hours on Jan 3rd. 


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I’ve rescaled and rescaled the pictures and they are so badly pixelated at 90kb they aren’t viewable. And screen shots of screen shots of the pictures are actually larger files... anyone have a secret to scaling down iPhone pictures, I’m all ears...

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8 hours ago, Brian P: Fightertown Decals said:

 anyone have a secret to scaling down iPhone pictures, I’m all ears...


I view them on the desktop monitor, zoom in if necessary, and use the snipping tool to get a screenshot and save that.  The files come to about 1.5 to 2mb each which is way more manageable and details are intact.   Looking forward to the pics!

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Hello Brian.

I only use my iphone to add picture on my posts.

How do you proceed ? Transfert to your computer with sync cable or sent by mail?

Typically iphone pictures weighted around 2MB.


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5 hours ago, eraucubsfan said:

@Brian P: Fightertown Decals  I use my iPhone all the time. I use the imgur app.  You can upload your photos straight to the app, then post the links from there.   Imgur has the option to make the photos different sizes.  




I believe you can do the same with Flickr.


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I post my stuff from Google photos. They weight up to 1.5 MB no resizing.

When I use the "other media" insert and try to download the picture it doesn't weigh as much.

I took a first photo I could find. In my Google Photos account it says it's 4032 × 2531 599,6 KB ( I use Iphone 8 so there might be difference with newer models). When I post it here though it's 1494x937 and 249KB.

Uploading to account is pretty easy, done from the phone level with an app.

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