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Hi all,


I am trying to finish the Kitty Hawk Su-30SM before GWH makes its.


Is there any aftermarket seat I can use on the Kitty Hawk Su-30SM?


And when you are at it, what is the best match for the cockpit color?


Thank you in advance.



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Posted (edited)

The Su-30 uses the Zvezda K-36DM ejection seat - same as the Su-27 and the Mig-29. You have plenty of options for these. 3 I can recommend would be Aires (nice detail, fiddly but very detailed photo etch seatbelts), Quickboost (same mould as Aires but with the seatbelts moulded on) or the Eduard Mig-29 late seat (colored photoetch seatbelts but slightly simplified compared to the Aires one, but easier to work with). Shape and resin-wise are all about equal and very nice. Another noteable option would be Quickboost - this is again the Aires seat but with a nice moulded on pilot if you want to go that route. There are plenty other options out there but I can't comment on those. 

For the interior color: MRP for example makes a designated sukhoi interior color, but air superiority blue FS 35450 is a very good match.

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Unfortunately that is not true.

Su-30SM ejection seat is K-36D-3.5, which is very close to K-36D-5 used by Su-35 and Su-57, but very different than K-36DM used by Su-27/MiG-29.

As far as I know there is no K-36D-3.5 aftermarket product, the short cut could be use the K-36D-5 seats.

Both are very similar,almost no obvious external difference.


Just my 2 cents. 

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