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New decals from Begemot - 1-72 lavochkin la-9(11)

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Today we released new decal - 72-077 Lavochkin La-9 (11) decal - 29 marking scheme for USSR, China, North Korea and Indonesia Air Forces. In decal include 4 stencil sets for aircrafts.




Modellrs, who like 1-48 scale - please don't worry, similar decal in you scale already in print, a little patience.


http://begemotdecals.ru/files/72-077 La-9(11).jpg


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Less, than 1 week awaiting, and after 1-72 - today 1-48 decal, 48-055 Lavochkin La-9 (11) decal. 29 marking variations of La-9 and La-11 family aircraft's all types, from next AF's: USSR, China, North Korea, Romania and Indonesia. 4 sets of full stencil for La-9(11) aircfat included.





http://begemotdecals.ru/files/48-055 La-9(11).jpg

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