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F-16 Have Glass Closeups

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At a recent airshow I was lucky enough to get up close to this paint. Nothing I could find on the market seems to get anywhere close. It's dull in luster and only appears slightly iridescent in direct light and only at certain angles (like a cell-phone light held very close to the paint).  I was really struggling to figure out how to paint these, but now I know I could get away with almost any grey with a slight tint of metallic added, and a satin or flat clear coat. Nothing fancy, and it will be very close to the real thing. 


I've attached the files here, but unfortunately the batteries for my dslr were dead the day of (shame on me).










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The new paint looks very different in different lighting.  It takes on a whole new hue and sheen in direct sunlight. It's nearly impossible to replicate it exactly but i think a lot of people have done a great job coming close.





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FS36170 is the offical color code. It really changes depending on the light - can't get my head around it to be honest? Decided to darken mine with a little black to make it more like the photos I've found online. For models it works well, but shoudn't be required. 

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