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I would like to start building a GWH F 15I in 1 48. But I really don't know which weapons should I choose. Propably I will buy some resin missiles/bombs that's why I have the following questions.

Does the IDF uses GBU 39 on its F 15Is?

Do you have any pictures showing different loads, that you could share?


I would like to build an airplane with mixed load (A/A missiles, bombs, drop tanks....).

I am aware of Isradecals' book but I can't find someone to ship it in Greece.


Thank you very much,


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The F-15I can essentially carry everything the F-15E can carry, but in addition any Israeli specific weapons too. 


Some links to more detailed information: 
F-15I loadout - Modern - Britmodeller.com


F-15I IAF Ra'am Lion Roar -L4816 (super-hobby.com)


If you choose weapons with "big wings" like the GBU-15/130 or AGM-142 Have Nap, no missiles can be carried on the same pylon as they will interfere when launching. Otherwise you can use any combination you like or as seen on other loadouts. 

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This video of current operations show 7 GBU-31 JDAMs being used. Also loaded are a single IAI Python 5 on the left outboard launcher and single AIM-120B AMRAAM on the right inboard launcher.





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