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Carl’s Revell Lacrosse and Launcher

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Great job on this oldie! These 1/40 Revell kits stand up pretty well even to today’s kit standards.  I have been building some of these old kits lately, and here are a couple of suggestions regarding decals:

1. You can remove most of the yellowing by placing the decal sheet in the sun. I tape them to an inside window - facing outwardly - on the sunnier side of my house. A day or two usually does the trick.

2. before using the decals, try coating them with a clear gloss lacquer such as Testors Dullcote or just clear gloss enamel out of a spray can. This will help to prevent the decal from breaking up when you slide it off its paper backing. Trim the decal as closely as you can to minimize the amount of surrounding clear film.

Hope this helps and let’s see some more of these old kits built using today’s modeling techniques!

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1 hour ago, JohnEB said:


It's good to see someone building an old kit in an "off" (non 1/35) scale military vehicle.

Now that Atlantis has many old Revell (and Lindberg, Aurora, Renwall and Monogram) kits, the kit might see the light of day again.

They have released the old 1/40 Revell  Hercules SAM, so perhaps they'll release more of the Revell armour kits. They did a Jeep, 155 mm howitzer with high speed tractor, and a Sherman tank.


It seems the (new) Revell has kept the large series of old Monogram 1/35 molds, recently releasing the 1950s 6x6 truck (too new for a WWII collection) and Willys GPW/MB Jeep.



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