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I had a hard time deciding  which livery I wanted for my Eduard 72nd scale Mig-21 MF.

Then I decided for a russian aircraft with one of those complicated camos with several coulors. I found an interesting aircraft in white 17.

It is a 5 + 1 colour camoed aircraft  (+1 being the emerald green patches which might be repair works or touch ups…)

This actually is a Mig-21 SM (SM being basically being the domestic version and MF beig the export version).

White 17 belongs to the 1st Squadron ou the Fighter-Bomber 18th Regiment – 303rd Composite Air Division based at Galyonki Air Base as seen in 1985 (well that is what the decals instructions claim.)

I actually found several profiles and several decals for this Aircraft (Lindenhill decals, RV Aircraft, Tally Ho decals and others, and no two camo pattern description was the same. Unfortunately although this aircraft seems to inspire many, I could not find any photo.  

I decided to stay with the Tally Ho interpretation because it was close to the RV Aircraft scheme (at least two patterns were close – Linden Hill and other profiles were very different) and also because it came with a 4 view description.


White 17 is a late Mig-21 SM and it is very close in details to a Mig-21 MF.



















Eric B.


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