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Making this one for our daughter's boyfriend who is a bit of a Star Wars/X-wing fan.


Will be an X-wing blowing up an AT-AT Walker.


X-wing from the 1/72 Bandai snap-together kit (which is simply amazing, even after butchering the insides to stuff in LEDs, it still fits very well, incredible detail, perhaps the best kit of anything I've ever built?).  Painted but not yet fully weathered (oil wash to come).  Flickering lights in 4 engines, steady white light in cockpit.


AT-AT will be scratch built - approx 1/400 scale.  Done a fair bit of this already.  Has been fiddly but fun.  Will also have red/orange LEDs for an explosion.


Hoping I can power all 7 LEDs with 2x1.5V batteries (wired in parallel). 5 in the X-wing seem to work fine so far.



















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Thanks guys.  The ice wall is made from AK carving foam, 10mm sheet.


Here is a build video showing some of the process.


I'm getting the hang of LEDs now & how to wire them in parallel so several can run of 2x AA batteries.  Jaycar is your friend here - heaps of really cheap electronic bits.


Explosion using the Bjorn Jacobsen methods - https://miniscaping.com/guide/38/pic/view 


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1 hour ago, MR Brush Brutalizer said:

O MY GOD THOMMO! I absolutely have to know how to make such an arctic diorama for my messerchmitt "nazis on north pole".


Build video here mate.


Ice cliff carved out of AK carving foam.  Flat area covered in paper & glue, then rocks added with AK carving foam, snow painted white then Vallejo Snow added.



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