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Mig-29 A – Trumpeter (Czechia) and Mig-29N Italeri (Malaysia) – 1/72

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These are my little Mig-29 9-12s in 1/72nd scale.

Story started a few years ago when I built my first Mig-29 in 1/72nd scale. At the time best choice was between the Italeri and Airfix models.

I thought the Italeri kit was a better starting point and proceeded with my project.  

I actually was not very satisfied with that first try for 2 main reasons :

I missed to correct the angled position of the main landing gears (Italeri gives them vertical…)

I left the upper auxilliary intake doors open – they normally are closed when aircraft are parked and idle.

I decided to correct these flaws and later started a second Fulcrum, also from an Italeri kit. I also corrected some other aspects of the aircraft addind resin accessories in the process (nose cone, cockpit and seat, wheels and exhaust nozzles). Aircraft was built as a Malaysian Mig-29N. Resin IFR probe and fairing were difficult to cement in position so I decided to build my Mig-29N without the IFR equipment (I found information proving that Mig-29N have occasionnaly flown without them).


Then better Fulcrums were released both by Trumpeter then Zvezda. I had decided for either an East German, Czeck or Polish 5 colour camo which left me with the Trumpeter Mig-29 9-12 (Until now Zvezda reselased only the 9-13 and 9-19 version from their new moulds).


Here are both models


Italeri Mig-29N




Trumpeter Mig-29A














Eric B.

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There has never been any "Czechia" or "Czeck". Until January 1st, 1993 there had been Czechoslovakia or Czechoslovak Republic and as of that date country split into Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. Mig-29s fleet was split 50:50 between 2 new republics, exception from the rule 2:1 in favour of Czech Republic who sold their Fulcrums to Poland soon. Slovak AF is still operating Mig-29s.

Very nice builds, you captured the Czechoslovak Fulcrum's colors really well. Actually Russian colors, so called "tactical camouflage".



in NYC

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These are some nice Fulcrums. I much prefer either the Trumpeter or Zvezda MiGs, but once built, the Italeri kit looks ok too.

Did You do anything to the Italeri windscreen? I always see them as too small, like almost taken from an F-5E. Actually, I used spare Italeri windscreen on a Hobby Boss F-5E. Looks way better than stock.

Love the Czech camo. Would look even better with some Polish insignia 😉 Ok, I may be biased.

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Hi Eric,


I'm trying to understand how you make your builds look so realistic, particularly the first photo is like looking at the real thing!

Is is the angle that you use? the right light and time to take the photo? the colours' hues on the models (which by the way look spot-on for the scale)?

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