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Hobby Boss 1/700 SSN-688 USS Los Angelos

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This is a small quick build of the Hobby Boss 1/700 Los Angeles SSN sub.  The kit itself is nice EXCEPT they have the tail planes completely wrong.  They seem to have been taken from a Sturgeon class sub.  I reshaped these to something near accurate. 


Eventually this is going to be part of an “epoxy” diorama in the arctic.  I already tried once with ok results, but didn’t have a way of degassing the epoxy before pouring and have way too many air bubbles to be happy with.  Given it’s planned final result, I tried to weather it to realistically be deployed at sea.



Any comments or criticism are welcome as always and thanks for looking.



EDIT: For some reason I am having a hard time linking pictures in this forum.  I'm not having any issues in the aircraft forums.  If anyone has any thoughts, let me know.

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