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This is probably a dumb question... but here goes. Does anyone ever sign completed models somewhere hidden but still visible if you look hard enough? I know many of us don't hand build them, but rather we build kits. Regardless, I consider what we do as an art. The work I see on this and other forums truly is breathtaking. Are there famous modelers that are well enough know to where their work could be worth something?


Just curious.

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I quite often leave a fingerpint on the matt coat that apparently did not finish setting. That has to count.

The negative energy that goes out of me when:

1) a knife slips,

2) I dryfit something perfectly and as soon as I apply glue there's a step, or

3) my decals silver after a matt coat, without any prior indication

probably doesn't count.

I've known people who signed commision models somewhere inside a model with permanent marker though. They all said they "just do it".

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