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LF Kit Decal, 1/48 Tamiya F-4D Skyray; just one BU number

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So in the process of fixing a mistake on my 1/48 Tamiya Skyray, I managed to accidentally mask over one of the BU number decals, and they are now gone beyond repair. 


Can someone spare 1 of the BU number decals for the VMF(aw)-115 option?  The f4D-1 /134895 decal; the little one that goes on the side of the fuselage below the MARINES decal on the tail, not the big one that's on the tail above and behind MARINES.  Just need one 😞  Hopfully someone did one of the other options, and can spare the decal!


I figure worst case I'll just slap on the wrong number and live with it, but I'd rather be right.  

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