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What plane is on your wishlist?

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I would reeeaaally like ICM to tool up a new tool 1/48 B-26 Marauder. They did an outstanding job with the Invader kits. About the same size. Should be a no brainer! Other than that:


1/72 B-32 Dominator

1/32 F, RF-101B

1/72 B-1B(come on, modelcollect!)

1/48 Su-47

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At this point I have 1 subject left I would really like to see, but I am not sure if it would be popular...


1/48 F-86H 


After seeing the F-86H at the Strategic Air and Space museum in Nebraska, I wanted to build it. I have the kit in decals in 1/72, so at least I can build one.  I just like unusual variants of well known aircraft.

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On 9/20/2021 at 3:57 AM, nspreitler said:

My list in no particular order

1/48 B-25J  
1/35 and/or 1-48 Waco CG-4a
1/48 Merlin engine P-40s 

1/48 OV-10

1/35 AH-64

1/48 Su-7
1/48 B-26







ICM is coming out with an OV10 this fall. Looks very nice. I'd like a new tolled B26 just like you


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On 6/14/2021 at 4:15 AM, Stephen said:

1/48 Vought RF-8A/G Crusader.

Yes!  I would really like one in 1/72 scale as well.  I have a thorough collection of US Navy/Marines/Cost Guard planes in 1/72 scale, and that's just a big hole in the collection.  I do have a vac conversion but I find those to be a pain in the butt.

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I feel really blessed, since many of the aircraft that I always wanted done or redone in 1/48th scale have recently been done in excellent quality. For example, the GWH Su-27 and MiG-29 series, the many options that we have for F-4's and F-14's, the AMK MiG-31, ICM MiG-25 and many of my favourite WWII aircraft: Thanks Zvezda, ICM, Modelsvit, Tamiya, Eduard and some others for the many great recent releases. Frankly, since I am a slow builder, I'm probably good for a few years to come.


However, there are two that would get me interested immediately:

  • A new, accurate, modern Mirage F1 series (I would like a F1CZ and F1AZ, being South African, but I'd be happy to modify from a French C-model): The ESCI moulds are now really outdated, and the KittyHawk kits have a wide range of disappointing issues that require a lot of work to fix.
  • A new, modern, Blackburn Buccaneer S.2B / S Mk50 in 1/48th scale to replace the terrible old Airfix kit.
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All-new tooled 1/48 F-102 Delta Dagger - both the single seat and the 'Tub' two-seater.


Whomever got the tooling for the Monogram/Pro-Modeler (and also re-boxed under Accurate Miniatures) 1/48 Helldiver?  Please reissue it.  Or someone give us an all-new-tool one.

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