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Revel SBD Dauntless kit 5249

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For this kit, do the fuselage halves need to be cemented together? Most of the instructions do not say whether  parts should be cemented, only some show do not cement, such as the trapeze/bomb swing release mechanism on the fuselage centerline.


On that note, does the headrest part also need cementing? Should I assume everything that does not have the “do not cement” sign be cemented together?

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Hi Bomber101,


Yeah that's the problem with the newer Revell pictograph instructions...  Anybody remember when the instructions had actual descriptions of the steps as well as drawings?


This is why I go to scalemates.com to see if they have an older set of instructions...  If you go to the link below you'll be able to download a set of instructions from the 1970s Monogram version of the kit.  


circa 1970 Monogram instructions


The link above shows this as bandi-monogram kit so sometimes it takes a little poking around but most of the time I have found better instructions than what I had in the kit.




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