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Took out the Star Trek Tech manual from the 70s. Built the last of the 3 Enterprise off shoots. This is the Dreadnaught class. Three engines and a much bigger secondary hull.








All three of the weird ships. All nice Canadian names.......





The fleet.



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Yeah, I thought about using two lower hulls, But then I would have to buy two complete kits. Not paying over $130 for a what if of a what if.


These model kits are getting expensive.

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Two lower hulls would not have worked for you. Remember, the lower hull concaves into the profile of the hull. Just cutting off the B/C deck, replacing it with a styrene plug, and putting the bridge on top would have done it even though the top profile on a Dominion class is quite pronounced..


Example of a styrene plug from my old Copernicus project... The old ERTL kit B/C deck is incorrect, so I cut it off and replaced it with a corrected shape.



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