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Su-17 Fitter R-60 dual launch rails question

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30 July 2011 I took this picture of a Su-17 in the Vinnitsya HQ museum (Ukraine), loaded with dual R-60 launch rails on the middle wing pylons.

Does anyone know if this is a viable R-60 configuration and if any Fitters actually flew with these?

Online I've only found two museum Fitters carrying this dual R-60 loadout, but I haven't found any pictures of operational Fitters with this configuration.

I'm in the final stages of completing my 1:48 Su-17M4 Fitter, and would like to know if a dual R-60 load is possible.

Thanks for any help.



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Very unlikely in my opinion. The Su-17 (Su-20/22) family are a ground attack aircraft not interceptors! The R-60 was provided only for self defence (just like on Su-25 outer wing station). Why would he have four of them on board? Even the 2 was more than needed and reduced the load capability.


Museum aircraft are just museum aircraft! They put on what ever they have just to make it look better, there is no real historic thinking in most museums!!!


Best regards


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Update: I've been in contact with a former Ukrainian Su-17 mechanic and he told me that only a few modified Su-17M4's were able to use the dual R-60 launcher.

Physically they would fit and could be carried, but without the necessary modifications only one of the rails could be used.

This upgrade was originally intended for the upgraded Su-17M4 (M5?), but this version was never put into service.


I will not be using the dual launchers on my model.

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