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F-4B MER on centreline pylon position?

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Question for the experts. 1/72 scale, I've  a Fujimi F-4B done up as a Marines mud mover (VMFA-542) and the kit has a separate centre line pylon with no tank. I have several ESCI & Hasegawa MERs but no idea of the MER position on the centre pylon. I.e how far forward/back. Anyone got any ideas? None of my references are any help. Plan is to put some Mk82s on the MER, a pair of rocket pods on a TER on each inboard pylon, outer wing tanks and a pair of Sparrows on the rear fuse wells. Sound plausible?



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Good question Roy - I've often wondered about this as well.


I went hunting online and found something that will hopefully help - even though it's not strictly for Navy/Marines Phantoms, here's a link to a copy of the F-4E Technical Order that shows (on pages 195-196) the placement of MERs on centreline and outboard wing pylons. As you'll see, there are forward and aft suspension positions for the MERs, but from the photos in this Flickr album (by redlinemodels), I'd say that the forward mounting was more common for Marines jets.



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