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New Tomcat crew by Reedoak

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Our next figures are a US Navy pilot and RIO for the colourfull 81-89 era, with HGU-33 helmets and MBU-14 mask...
they are equipped to fit a F-14, partialy an intruder (pilote only) or a corsair II if we do not look to close to the leg garters..

As usual, we do them in 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32 scale
We do also 2 versions of each, visor up or down :



and here is how they look in the Tamiya F-14 in 1/48 scale:





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They look great! :thumbsup2:


Currently building a 1/72 Academy F-14A and I used some Fujimi Tomcat drivers. Lots of toing and froing with myself whether or not to drop the two in rubber and cast some copies, but with figures like Reedoak's available now, why bother with resin-casting Fujimi pilots?

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Here you have the choice of different scales : http://reedoak.com/#!/Modern-USA/c/13281246. Once the scale choosen, you will find the figures on several pages.


More up, at www.reedoak.com, you will find the new products, and the figures classified by country or thematic, and then by scale


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