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1/48 Zoukei Mura F-4J

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46 minutes ago, Janissary said:

Looks awesome. I especially love all the close-ups. Your photography is beautiful as well. I wish I could take pics like that. Can you share your camera and lighting setup? 


I'd really like to hear about that as well. Thanks



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Awesome build! Did you post any "in-progress" by chance?

I have the ZM F-4E and -J kits in my stash, I am hesitant to start either of them. (I'm ~ 70% through another kit - engineering is outstanding, but very basic skills and techniques seem to have gotten seized up.)

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Hi, thanks all, glad you like it 👍


Regarding the photography - The camera is Nikon Z5 with 50mm 1.8


 I use tamiya photo studio.


I use a lot of cheap very cold led lamps (5k or 6k, "white" light) all around the photo studio.


If you do not have enough light should be a big problem. Simply make exposure a bit longer (you need to use stand).


but very important is using focus stacking option on the camera - camera takes a lot of same pictures while on stand, only it moves focuses.


And then I combine all these pictures into one picture using very simple and free software CombineZP that you can download from the internet. After using this software, you get one picture with the subject that is sharp all the way.


If your camera does not support focus stacking, than you can do it manually. While camera is on stand, just take multiple pictures with various focuses. Then you can combine them into one with CombineZP.


And very important thing is to have something transparent  -like some fine fabric - between your light source and the subject to soften the light.


Affordable options are these boxes, or something similar : https://store.quadralite.eu/en/757-shadowless-photography






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On 7/8/2021 at 4:02 PM, Craig Baldwin said:

 Love the way those flags look as if they are blowing in the wind.


Yes, I've tried to get that feeling thanks


I found one more close up from the other side and few pictures of seats that are inside, I've spend around 25-30 hours on the seats (a lot more than ZM kit deserves)






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Absolutely spectacular airplane!  Photography as well.  I have yet to try focus stacking, but your images are a real motivation.  And thank you for posting the seat photos as well...beautiful work, for sure, a standard for me to attempt to attain, though unlikely I could even get close!  In particular, I love the variation in the seat harnesses, not just duplicates of each other, a subtle but important addition to aid realism. Beautiful!

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