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Boeing 707-338C  c/n 19294-550 rolled off the Boeing production line at Seattle (Renton) - December 14, 1966 and first flown at Renton as VH-EBU on February 13, 1967. EBU was accepted by Qantas Airways at Seattle (Boeing Field) on March 08, 1967, this was the 21st Boeing airliner delivered new to Qantas Airways.


EBU flew with QANTAS as City of Broken Hill, City of Wollongong and City of Parramatta and was cancelled from the Australian Aircraft Register on November 03, 1976 after flying just over 32,283 hours for QANTAS.


After QANTAS sold EBU off it served with Air Niugini, Arrow Air, Zaire Cargo, Shanghai Airlines, Anglo Cargo Airlines and other leasing companies.


Ferried to Davis Monthan in the Anglo Cargo livery on May 18 1992 and stored at Davis Monthan as '67-30053' until June 17, 1993 where it departed for Lake Charles, LA for conversion to E-8C.


The aircraft was re-serialled 'AF93-0597' and designated an E-8C P-3 (3rd Production Aircraft) in February 1997, handed over to 93rd Air Control Wing, USAF at Melbourne, Florida on November 25, 1997.


The aircraft was badly damaged during an air-to-air refuelling accident over Qatar on March 13, 2009, the number two fuel tank ruptured in flight due to over-pressurisation causing extensive wing damage. It made a safe emergency landing at the Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar. The estimated cost to repair the damage was around $US 25,000,000 and was deemed to be uneconomical to repair and was therefore declared a 'write-off'.


The cause of the accident was traced to a civilian subcontractor who inadvertently left a test plug in the fuel vent system which occurred during programmed depot maintenance. As the aircraft was only in the air for a short period of time before the air-to-air refuelling took place it had not burnt off enough fuel from the number to tank that would have allowed the 'dive flapper' valve to open when the over-pressurisation of the fuel tank commenced. The aircraft was reported to have been broken up at Al Udeid Air Base in February 2012.


This is the Airfix E-3D kit converted to an E-8C using the Flightpath conversion set and Decals by Wolfpak, the build threads can be found below...



72_AF_E-8C_85 72_AF_E-8C_86






72_AF_E-8C_93 72_AF_E-8C_92


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Very nice job. Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar is by far THE MOST HUMID place I've ever been to in my life. I still say we were dryer in the showers. 😂


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Brother Ray!  Yes! Beautiful work on the J-STARS and the other 707/E-3 kits.  Quite a collection. I appreciate all the added detail that you put into the 707 to accurize it to the J-8C configuration. What's next? K/r, Dutch

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Posted (edited)

Thanks Dutch!


Not much, we are starting to pack to move house half way across the country (that's if Covid cases drop enough to allow us into another state).


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Nice 707 collection! I have a 72nd E-3 to build as an A model...really want to build it refueling from 

a 72nd KC-135A. Would be a big display but cool to look at! Great job on that E-8 JSTARS.



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5 hours ago, Drifterdon said:

Awesome J-Stars Ray!   Don't know how I missed this when you first posted it.   

Thanks Pollie and Don!


Don, you were obviously busy at the bench working on your fleet of 1/144 KC-135s 😄


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