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1/25 AMT 1968 Plymouth

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I believe this is a 1968 Belvedere but also can be built as a Roadrunner. I am currently looking for decals

to do it as such. It has been in storage for a while and I think it is time to dig it out and finish. It's the AMT

2000 Millenium kit very nicely detailed. Here is where I am at as of today, still needs chrome on body painted. jon


mopar 27.JPG

mopar 1.JPG

mopar 9.JPG

mopar 24.JPG

mopar 25.JPG

mopar 26.JPG

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If memory serves me I think the horn actually looked like this, I bought a '73 Roadrunner new off the showroom floor and seem to remember it a lavendar like color. jon


'71-'74 Roadrunner horn.png

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I have been searching for '68 Roadrunner decals in 1/25. Someone named Keith Mark's Decals makes them? Any idea where I can

purchase them? Thanks. jon

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