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The Ancient One - 1909 Kaysun/Hawk Hupmobile finished!

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One of the fun parts of modelling is picking a subject that’s a bit different, or outside your comfort zone. Sure, it’s always fun to build a subject you know lots about, but building something unusual usually leads one to finding out a lot of interesting history and information about the subject. Thus, the experience is both informative and enjoyable, and who knows, maybe it even gives you a chance to acquire some new tricks!


For me, that’s exactly what happened when I build the old Hawk (nee Kaysun) 1909 Hupmobile that my friend Alan sent me by mail. I have always liked brass-era cars, but never had the chance to build one. Well, that has now been rectified, and I have to say, it was a scream!


I learned a tonne about early automotive history and even connected with some people I’d have never crossed paths with if I hadn’t had this kit to work on. It was a kit that my uncle and I were both excited about, although it’s a shame he passed away before he got to see it completed.


So, if you want to see something just a bit out of the ordinary, check out my Hupmobile at the link below; who knows, maybe you’ll find out something new too!





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