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1949 Ford Tudor Coupe-1/25 AMT

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A blast from my past. My parents owned one of these when I was a wee lad back in the late  50's. I am not 100% sure if it was a '49 or '50 but I have a feeling it

may have been a '50 as it had Hawaiian Bronze paint and I think it had the Ford emblem with 3 lions in red, white and blue on the hood, I think. Trying to jar my

memory from 5 or 6 years old 63 years later can be tough. I am pretty sure it was a 3 speed on the column as I remember my mom saying she learned to drive in

the 40's on a standard. I can't find a '50, there is an old convertible but it's hard to find and I am not into conversions. So I will use this '49 and paint it as I remember,

what I called "root beer brown" with gray interior and use the bronze,copper, color for the engine. The '49's had dark blue for the first half of the year then Ford

switched to a copper color for the next few years. The kit is excellent, lots of extra goodies, clear and red tinted windows, white wall stock and racing tires. The

newer 1/25 AMT "The Gas Man" kit.  jon


49 Coupe 1.JPG

49 Coupe 2.JPG

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No rain and 64% humidity, it is a good day to paint. I have the body and hood done. I sprayed the interior and head liner my tan color last week then masked it before I did the brown body color. The next low humidity day I will glosscote, need to buy another can. jon


49 Coupe 20.JPG

49 Coupe 19.JPG

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The body is on the chassis. One or the other had a twist, body or chassis or both, so I "turn buckled" the front by passing a couple wire ties through the headlight holes and around the chassis then super gluing the two. jon


49 Coupe 30.JPG

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