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'71 Red GTX-440-1/24 Revell kit

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The Roadrunner is pretty much done so I am getting ready for another Mopar muscle car. I just ordered the Revell

1/24 Dom's '71 GTX and will do it similar to my buddy's '72 Roasdrunner, red with a black half vinyl top. I had a '73

Roadrunner , gold with white stripes. I was quite familiar with Satellites as 2 years earlier my mother won a '71 Cuda

with a "six pack". Seeing as though she had 6 kids she decided to opt out of the Cuda and took a '71 Satellite wagon

as fair trade. It was a Close Up tooth paste contest. Never used the stuff myself, LOL!. I plan on using the kits 440 but

with the 4 bbl. and not the 6 pack. The kit was originally the old Monogram '71 Satellite retooled in the 80s as a '71 GTX.

Here's the Mopars in my life. jon


71 Satellite wagon.jpg

71 Sebring 383-red.jpg

Revell Doms 71 GTX.jpg

'73 Runner 360 cu in.jpg

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The masks are removed. I like the contrast between the vinyl roof and red body. My buddy I grew up with had a '72 Roadrunner, red with a black vinyl top, almost deja vous seeing this! jon



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