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VF-31 F-14A Decals (1/48)

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I find myself being tempted by the coming release for Tamiya's F-14A. There's really no shortage of great schemes available for any era of Tomcats, but for the life of me, I can't seem to find any VF-31 markings for the mid-late 80's timeframe aboard USS Forrestal. Has anyone produced them in recent history? I think some mods to the kit might be necessary, so maybe that explains the lack of options?


I was a young and impressionable kid when my mom took me over to see a VF-31 Tomcat that flew in to South Bend, Indiana in that timeframe (for what reason I don't know... Notre Dame flyover maybe?) As a result, I've always considered that scheme to be my favorite.




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Hasegawa made/makes them:



You could ask the Importer for a replacement sheet?


I have one, but it has yellowed and tiny cracks in many smaller places. I also have the furball one, but thats for a machine of 1990 and not as colorful as the Hasegawa sheet.


Kind regards




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